Warning when purchasing tyres from non-UK sources:

Cambrian Tyres Ltd, as the Official Distributor for Continental Bicycle Tyres in the UK, honours warranty claims for Continental products purchased in the UK against any manufacturing defects and will replace via our network of dealers & wholesalers, subject to some stipulations and procedures. 


  • Folding tyres are processed if purchased 'boxed' as per aftermarket specification and not as Original Equipmemt stock that has found its way into the aftermarket. These items generally come without fitting instructions or packing and can sometimes be supplied wrapped in a clear polythene bag. Markings on these tyres allow us to determine if the tyres are OE or aftermarket. 
  • These tyres are not supplied with fitting instructions and are not meant for sale to the end user as a seperate component part and will not be warrantied by Cambrian Tyres Ltd.

Cambrian Tyres Ltd recommends returning any products with potential manufacturing defects to the place of purchase in the first instance. Direct returns (not via your bicycle dealer) must be accompanied by the origianal purchase receipt.

We will not warranty, inspect or open a returned box, which has -

  • Been purchased outside of the UK.
  • Is an Original Equipment product that was bought as an individual item (ie that did not come pre-fitted to your bicycle).



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