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Der Baron Projekt

handmade in germany
Black Chili

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Respect where it's due: the undisputed Enduro master

Technical, versatile and sophisticated; the Baron Projekt exemplifies the very discipline it was designed for. Enduro. The Baron 2.4 Projekt combines puncture protection and a versatile profile design with good rolling characteristics at a good weight. Its evenly distributed and widely spaced tread blocks give just the right grip in every situation

The ProTection Apex casing combines our proven 'ProTection' nylon bonus layer with an additional rubber apex sidewall stabiliser above the bead which reliably protects the tyre against puncturing even if the tyre pressure is low. This system protects the tyre reliably against cuts and puncturing without significantly increasing the weight.

The new 2.6" B+ size offers exceptional comfort and lower tyre pressure for the ultimate grip experience.


  • Open tread pattern that performs in both the wet & loose conditions and is also a great all-rounder
  • from 900 grams and available in all three dimensions in a 2.4 profile
  • Its heritage is clear, offering an impressive level of durability for great value for money
  • Der Baron Projekt, the next generation


Der Baron 2.6 Projekt SE new  Der Baron 2.4 Projekt P
der baron projekt mtb application
  Size Weight
Max. Pressure (psi)
BlackChili Pure Grip Tubeless Ply/TPI  
  Bead   SRP (£) Buy (UK only) 
B+ ProTection   - Tubeless Easy 4-ply reinforced casing
Der Baron Projekt 27.5" x 2.6  0101381   65-584 935g 29   44    4/240   All black   folding   £64.95
ProTection Apex  - Tubeless Easy 4-ply reinforced casing
Der Baron Projekt 26" x 2.4 0101570   60-559 890g 45   58    4/240   All black   folding   £64.95
Der Baron Projekt 27.5" x 2.4 0101572   60-584 925g 45   58    4/240   All black   folding   £64.95
Der Baron Projekt 29" x 2.4 0101573   60-622 995g 45   58      4/240   All black   folding   £64.95


What makes Conti tyres technically brilliant - read on

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