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Latest news - Continental Bicycle Tyres UK


For the first time ever, we've produced a limited edition tyre set for the British market - GP Attack & Force Prudential Ride London Set. This front and rear specific tyre set is designed with speed in mind, shaving an impressive 40g off an equivelent set of our market leading GP4000 S II tyre. All that saving equates to a faster ride, perfect for your big day in the saddle, complete with Vectran anti-puncture protection beneath the tread.

The tyre is exclusive to Evans Cycles and can be purchased online or in store, and also at the Prudential Ride London exhibition from Thursday 27th until Saturday 29th July.

Visu RIDE London Attackseite 72

For anyone riding this weekend's Prudential RideLondon, check out our rider information video which we're promoting as official safety partners of the Surrey 100 and 46 mile routes.

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2019 is a very exciting year for fans of Continental bicycle tyres. Not only do we present our first road tubeless model - Grand Prix 5000 TL, but we also offer our Tubeless Easy Shieldwall range of MTB tyres and the stylish BlackChili commuter - Grand Prix Urban 700x35c.

Our EBike friendly NONSTOP Mobility concept continues to be our focus in the urban-commute segment - with three families of tyres to suit all budgets and rider expectations : CONTACT Plus, CONTACT & RIDE. It is now far easier to find the tyre to match your needs. With the market entry of the CONTACT Plus, we have set the example for high performing, puncture protection with even better riding comfort. * 30% better puncture protection than the nearest competitor.  

The 2019 King series of MTB tyres now includes tubeless easy ShieldWall options at the £34.95 - £39.95 price points across four models with new 2.6 & 2.8 B+ options due during the year. 

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With an expanded roster for 2017 and backing from the likes of Trek bikes and BrotherUK, the Drops Women's professional cycling team are going from strength to strength and are now ranked inside the top 20 teams worldwide. This means that they will ride a global programme in 2017 with plenty of UK races also planned.

Continental are delighted to be the official tyre of the Drops Cycling team and will supply Competition RS ALXPro Ltd tubulars in 25mm, and some Podium Pro Ltd RS 22 & 25mm tubulars for the time trial specialists on the team which now includes 3 time Belgian TT champion Ann Sophie Duyck.

Full story here :


Our 2017 Bicycle Tyre Catalogue is now available digitally and can be downloaded here..

Highlights of the new 2017 range include our entry level Ultra Sport II road tyre which gets a whole range of colour options in folding bead in both 23c and 25c sizes. The Ultra Sport II also improves by featuring an upgraded casing, from 84tpi (nylon threads per inch) up to 180tpi for a faster, smoother ride. Our PureGrip compound also features on the tyre so the only similarity with the previous model is the price!

Our Grand Prix race tyre gets a 28-584 (650B) option for a fast slick road option for 27.5" bikes and our cyclocross clincher range sees even the standard wire bead options now featuring a 180 tpi casing. The range now features four tread pattern in various sizes and build options.

Our casing upgrade program also rolls out to our City/Trekking range with Contact, the new Contact Speed and Ride Tour all now featuring the subtle 180 tpi polyamide carcass - faster rolling, easier to fit and more puncture protection!

The Ultra Sport II coloured tyres are already in stock in the UK, with other new lines to be phased in over the winter months. 

Download the 2017 Catalogue here

Another tyre test win for our famous GP4000 S II road clincher, this time in Triathlon Plus magazine's comprehensive 'Fat is Fast' wide tyre test, up against 15 of the best tyres on the market.

Tyres were tested in real world conditions, head-to-head on two up bike sessions usingthe same rim profiles and pressures for the most accurate comparisons. The crew of high mileage testers also attempted to wear out as many tyres as possible to which was the most long lasting.  

For the GP4000 S II, the magazine commented that this is the tyre of choice for when they conduct wheel tests, simply as they are the best balance of performance and durability for real-world road riding.

The advanced BlackChili compound was commented on as being glued to corners  but searlingly quick in a straight line compared to most competitors.

Our mid-priced Grand Sport Race also impressed the judges, with the PureGrip compound being a good balance of reasonable lifespan, easy speed and trustworthy traction for a relatively affordable tyre.

See the comprehensive test in the April 2016 issue of Triathlon Plus Magazine! 


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Are wider road tyres really faster than their narrower counterparts?

Yes, here's why

For a long time, a 20mm tyre with 160psi or more was considered the fastest tyre, regardless of how uncomfortable or unsafe it was to ride on such a tyre/pressure combination. What very few people realised at the time, was that a wider tyre would roll equally well at a lower pressure. For example, a 23mm tyre will roll with the same rolling resistance (under the same load) at 120 psi as the aforementioned 20mm tyre at 160psi! (based on the same model of tyre).

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With superfast, reliable clinchers available on the market and the emergence of tubeless tyres, why are the professionals still racing on tubular (glue on) tyres? Words by Shelley Childs

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Ever wondered 'how to'?

The new YouTube channel from our colleagues in Germany gives detailed instructions on how to fit, remove, repair, seal and inflate our road, city & MTB tyres. There are a multitude of specific video demonstrations to choose from, in both English and German.

As an introduction, we're showing how to remove, inspect and repair a road bike clincher, essential knowledge for when you are out on the road. 

Read more: Roadside inspection and repairs

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