Trail King 2.2

handmade in germany
TR TubelessReady 4c
Black Chili
ProTec final  
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pure grip 

Climbing artist: strong performer on the most difficult trails

Hits the mark with its superb grip and unexpected low rolling resistance for long distance riding over a variety of terrain. Thanks to the innovative BlackChili compound, the Trail King is a master of the demands and challenges of all-mountain riding. "The heavily siped paddle style centre tread is rampled just enough to keep it rolling better than you might expect, but the open spaces means it refuses to clog..there's enough flat surface to hook up well on rocks and harder trails..multi shaped shoulder knobs take the traction over as far as you dare to lean..." MBUK Trail Tyre Test Winner 

Available in many options across all three wheel dimensions (see table below). The ProTection Apex and ShieldWall foldable formats are both Tubeless Easy and inflate first time using a standard track pump. The ProTection Apex gives extra thorn and pinch protection and of course, the latest BlackChili compound. The ShieldWall and wire bead series features a 180 tpi casing and our latest PUREGRIP compound.  

  • Enduro favourite!
  • premium option with a reinforced ProTection Apex sidewall
  • performance option with a reinforced ShieldWall casing



Trail King 24 Trail King 2.2 Performance Fold SE1  
trail king mtb application
  Size Weight
Max. (psi)
BlackChili Pure Grip Tubeless Ply/TPI  
  Bead   SRP (£)  
ProTection Apex  - Tubeless Easy 4-ply reinforced casing
Trail King 26" x 2.2 PT 0101487   55-559 740g 45   58    4/240   All black   folding   £59.95
Trail King 27.5" x 2.2 PT 0101468   55-584 800g 45   58    4/240   All black   folding   £59.95
Trail King 29" x 2.2 PT 0101476   55-622 850g 45   58      4/240   All black   folding   £59.95
Performance folding bead - Tubeless Ready - Shieldwall System
Trail King 26" x 2.2 ShieldWall 0150305   55-559 730g 45   58      3/180   All black   folding   £37.95
Trail King 27.5" x 2.2 ShieldWall 0150293   55-584 760g 45   58      3/180   All black   folding   £37.95
Trail King 29" x 2.2 ShieldWall 0150298   55-622 815g 45   58      3/180   All black   folding   £37.95

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