Plus breaker

  • Highly elastic rubber layer beneath the tyre tread
  • For maximum protection against punctures
  • Stops road debris from penetrating through to the inner-tube


PlusBreaker –Maximum Safety!

Between the tread and the carcass, a puncture protection of highly elastic special rubber is used. This practically impenetrable puncture protection successfully defies all types of foreign objects from getting to the inner tube below. Even a drawing pin cannot get through. Tyres with PlusBreaker can be seen in almost every segment nowadays: Whether racing cycles, MTB or city/trekking, the PlusBreaker guarantees maximum safety without negatively affecting the cycle properties of the tyre. The consistency of the breaker has been adjusted so that the tyre does not feel spongy when cornering. The PlusBreaker is true puncture protection.

Please read the air pressure instructions on the tyre label!




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