Race sport


 RaceSport - Light, Quick, Safe

Uncompromisingly designed for use in mountain bike racing: the RaceSport carcass combines logical light construction and noticeably better protection against flat tyres at the very highest level. Together with professional mountain bikers, we have created the perfect platform for competition tyres.

Hand produced in Germany, they offer a 30% better protection against flat tyres than the previous lightweight option (Supersonic series). The construction makes the difference, particularly fine and high-grade nylon fabric with an expensive, protective rubber lining and a universal bead. Together with the legendary BlackChili Compound, this is the ultimate combination for XC racing and marathon/endurance events.


  • BlackChili Compound 
  • Universal bead 
  • 3/180 threads per inch (TPI) casing
  • Robust tread and resiliant casing fabric.
  • Smooth sidewall






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