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Folding tubeless-ready performance tyres with a reinforced casing

ShieldWall System: Optimally combining high puncture protection with easy rolling and low resistance. Designed from an extra casing layer of finely cross-woven material throughout the tyre (from bead to opposing bead), the ShieldWall helps protect from direct punctures and other damage such as cuts and scuffs to the casing.

Despite the extra layer, a perfect fitment and secure sealing allows the tyre to perform flawlessly and with good flexibilty. In addition to the ShieldWall System, our Performance tyres are also Tubeless-Ready. The Tubeless-Ready footing allows a light and uncomplicated mounting of the tyre. For optimal sealing results, we recommend the use of the new Continental RevoSealant.

  • extra casing cross-woven casing layer from bead to bead 
  • for sturdy protection in all types of terrain
  • Tubeless Ready: ShieldWall tyres are Tubeless Ready and inflate easilt using a standard track pump


Suitable for E-Bikes 

E25 en green

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