Speed King 2.2

Black Chili

Fastest rolling MTB tyre option, where light-weight is the key requisite

The semi slick profile offers the lowest rolling resistance and weight of any of our MTB tyres. The lightly raised outer lugs provide enough grip to maintain good speeds when cornering and the centre area is made up of flat, wedge-shaped lugs which whilst keeping the rolling resistance low, still provide drive when needed.

The large 2.2 RaceSport carcass offers reliable puncture protection when racing and can be ridden with lower air pressure.

The extreme properties of the super-fast RaceSport tyre have their price: Lower mileage and a limited grip in the mud, a pedigreed racer - Handmade in Germany!.

  • King of the XC World Cup
  • Developed for dry & hardpacked fast courses 
  • RaceSport casing for serious XC racers 



Speed King 2.2 RS SE 
speed king mtb application
  Size Weight
Max. Pressure (psi)
BlackChili Pure Grip Tubeless Ply/TPI  
  Bead   SRP (£)  Buy (UK only)
RaceSport   - 3-ply lightweight casing
Speed King 26" x 2.2  0100728   55-559 410g 50   58    3/180   All black   folding   £54.95
Speed King 27.5" x 2.2 0101110   55-584 425g 50   58    3/180   All black   folding   £54.95
Speed King 29" x 2.2 0100933   55-622 450g 50   58    3/180   All black   folding   £54.95

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